His Testimony, His Story

Adedotun The Ikoro

His Testimony, His Story And this is the testimony of IkoroIyineleda; not only for Tom — be he peeping, doubting, preying, or pursuing — but for all also who (with the question, even though yet unspoken, “Sh’Eleda fear ni?”) believe The Pride of Machismo Renaissance (wherein is the faith of Masculinism) is to itself either like labalaba, or like irainu; and so it seems to the adversary — AND, for all else who would they ask of The Ikoro, “Who art thou?”

He says; he does not deny, but says, “I am not The Christ.”

And if they would they ask of him, “What then? Art thou Eli’jah?” He says, “I am not Eli’jah.” “Art thou The Prophet?” And he answers, “No.”

And should it then be asked of him, “Who art thou? Let us have an answer for those who sent us. What saith thou about thyself?” He says,

“I am he that is testified to by Isaiah. “I am he that is despised and rejected by men; “a man of sorrows, and acquainted with “grief; “and as one from whom men hide their “faces, “I am despised; and thou esteems me “not. “For I am cut off out of the land of the “living, “stricken for the transgression of my “people.”

Now they are sent from the adversary: Be he Peter, Judas, or Satan himself, be he of the evil, the adulterous, or the Church of The Christ itself. And should they ask of him, “Then why dost thou teach; seeing thou art neither The Christ, nor Eli’jah, nor The Prophet?” Ikoro answers them,

“I teach with the wisdom thou would be called wee wee; and known either as poo, or as loo. But my teaching is to testify to He of Whom I saith, “In His House are many Heavens: “Heavens that are created each for one great, “Heavens that are made each for one strong.

“And therefore I testify to He that will divide me a portion with the great, that I may divide the spoil with the strong: For I pour out my soul to death, and I am numbered with the transgressors; that I may bear the sin of Masculinism, and make intercession for the transgression of Machismo Renaissance.

“Because the day of The LORD is come, and The Heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with fire, and the earth and the works that are upon it will be burned up.

“And behold, He will create new Heavens and a new “earth; “and the former things shall not be “remembered, “or come into mind.”

And this takes place in Ikadan, wherein dwelt Ikayinka; and where IkoroIyineleda is teaching.